Federal Policy

Voice for Refuge recognizes that the inclusion of refugee and immigrant voices in our federal political process strengthens our country. We must work towards policies that protect the dignity of refugees and the important right to seek asylum. 

The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) was created in 1980 with strong bipartisan support that continues to this day. By definition, refugees are individuals who were persecuted because of their ethnicity, nationality, religion, political opinion, or social group. Resettlement is the last resort for those who can’t return to their home country or safely rebuild their lives nearby. Fewer than one percent of refugees will ever be resettled to one of 27 resettlement countries. 

Refugees are pillars of our communities, working hard, paying taxes, and creating jobs. During the COVID-19 crisis, many refugees are working on the frontlines and in essential jobs, including 176,000 working in health care and 175,000 in the food supply chain. We must ensure the policy reflects the ideals of the United States and protects immigrants and refugees’ right to justice, equity, and protection.

Voice for Refuge works to enact policies that recognize the dignity of refugees and the important role of refugee resettlement and access to asylum.

Our Federal Policy Positions