Voice for Refuge Celebrates a New Biden/Harris Administration and 30 Pro-Refugee Election Wins Across U.S.

November 7, 2020
For Immediate Release
Contact: Mary Elizabeth Margolis, cplummer@voiceforrefuge.org

While Celebrating Wins, Voice for Refuge Urges Building More Welcoming Communities for Refugees

(Washington, D.C.)—Voice for Refuge today celebrates the election of Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris and of 30 former refugee and pro-refugee candidates in the November 3rd election. The successful candidates, endorsed by Voice for Refuge in municipal, state and federal races, now have the opportunity to represent all of their constituents as well as the dreams of refugees in their capacities as elected officials, signaling a brighter path ahead for refugee resettlement and the American experience.

In response to the victories, Mustafa Jumale, Political Director for Voice for Refuge, issued the following statement:

“These candidates deserve our applause, not only for running successful campaigns, but because of the long journey they took to get to this moment. It is a culmination of their dreams and a confirmation that the hopes of former refugees like them can be achieved. Likewise, for those who are not former refugees but who made refugee issues a key part of their campaigns, their victories should signal that welcoming the vulnerable is not a political liability, but an asset.

“Refugees are our neighbors, our coworkers, and our classmates. They pay taxes, start businesses, and serve in uniform. The American people know this, that’s why they used this election as a reminder that refugees can also serve in office. We look forward to working with these elected officials to build the types of communities that foster inclusion and support for those that risked it all to be part of our great American experience.

“President-elect Biden now is faced with the task of restoring the U.S. commitment to the refugee resettlement program, and the sanctity of asylum our country was founded on. By doing so, America will send a signal to the world that it still believes in freedom, in comforting the afflicted, and in shining a beacon of hope to people trapped in danger.”

The only organization to track and endorse refugee candidates nationwide, Voice for Refuge thanks President-elect Biden for his commitment to raising the refugee ceiling to 125,000 upon his inauguration, compared to President Trump’s current limit of 15,000—an historic low. Voice for Refuge notes, however, that much remains to be done on the behalf of all public officials to ensure refugee voices are respected as a vital constituency in our communities. 

For more information or to get involved, visit voiceforrefuge.org or contact info@voiceforrefuge.org.

Voice for Refuge Action Fund is a first-of-its-kind 501(c)(4) organization created to stand alongside and elevate refugee voices in the fight for justice and equality.