COVID-19 / Coronavirus Resources for Refugees

Coronavirus, and the disease it causes (COVID-19) is a novel virus that spreads very quickly from person to person, meaning that humans have not built any immunity to it, which is what makes it so dangerous. It can be deadly for immune compromised people. Immigrants and refugees need specific multilingual resources to get the word […]

State Action Toolkit for a Refugee and Immigrant Inclusive Response to COVID-19

Crises test who we are as a nation – and we are stronger when we are united, extend compassion to our neighbors, listen to public health experts, and resist medical prejudice and scapegoating. As states and localities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that we ensure that all community members are able to […]

State Legislative & Administrative Actions in Response to COVID-19

1. Integrate Immigrants and Refugees into Healthcare Fields In the immediate term, states should issue executive orders (EOs) to allow internationally-trained doctors and healthcare workers to practice in the state, similar to (and potentially broader than) the EO issued in New Jersey. States should streamline re-licensing for immigrants, refugees, and individuals with out-of-state (including international) […]

Challenges Refugees Face in Accessing COVID Relief Provisions

Refugees are significantly impacted by the coronavirus / COVID-19. Many refugees are essential workers or otherwise on the frontlines of pandemic response, including in the healthcare field, as truck drivers critical to the supply chain, and as grocery store employees. Others are without income at this time and with fewer social networks than those who […]

COVID-19 Legislation: Quick Facts and Analysis for Refugees and Resettlement Offices

Congress has passed three packages of COVID-19 related legislation to provide direct assistance to Americans (including some refugees and immigrants), employers, and the healthcare system. The first piece of legislation was passed on March 6th to support the healthcare industry’s response. The second was passed on March 18th to provide free coronavirus testing and expand […]